(!!!!) (~ Best Value Pair ~) 10 Sylvania "engraved base" 1930's used/good same build (21.5ma and 22.5ma)

$ 134.88

1 pair) 10 Sylvania "engraved base" 1930's used good - same internal build - in white boxes

1 tube) 21.5ma engraved Sylvania

1 tube) 22.5ma engraved Philco with "X" scriped on bottom of tube 



Good Ma range 20-30ma


General Information

(Filament=7V @ 1.2A, Vplate=220V, Vgrid=-7V, Iplate=25ma, Mu=6, Rp=6Kohms)

(The VT-25 is built exactly the same as a VT-52, but the plate and grid are spaced  differently yielding ifferent Mu factors and plate resistance)


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