(!!!!!) (Best Value QUAD) 6V6G Mullard UK branded Haltron England NOS gray coated glass 1950 era (45.0/45.5/46.2/47.2ma)

$ 138.88

1 matched quad) 6V6G Haltron England by STC/Brimar UK or Tungsram UK gray coated glass 1950's original boxes 

1 tube) 45.0ma Gm=4000 small rattle inside base - dried glue particles

1 tube) 45.5ma Gm=4100 

1 tube) 46.2ma Gm=4050 small rattle inside base - dried glue particles

1 tube) 47.2ma Gm=4250 small rattle inside base - dried glue particles


- Dried glue particles are inside base not inside tube - does not effect tube performance


Matched on Amplitrex




Good Ma range 35-45ma

Good Gm range 3800-4500


recommended for:

- BAT (Balanced Audio Technologies) model REX II

- Fender Musicmaster Bass Guitar 1970

- Fender Champion 600 (new)

- Fender Tweed Champ 1960

- Victoria Amp Model # 20122

- Fender 57 Champ Reissue

- Fender Deluxe 1963

- Fender Tweed Champ with 5F1 circuit


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