(!!!!) (Best 6005W Quad - Best Sound) 6005W=6AQ5 Sylvania JAN NOS 1975-1976 (45.8/46.4/46.5/46.6ma) 1-2% matched

$ 48.88

1 matched quad) 6005W=6AQ5 Sylvania JAN NOS 1975-1976 original boxes

1 tube) 45.8ma Gm=4200

1 tube) 46.4ma Gm=4300

1 tube) 46.5ma Gm=4200

1 tube) 46.6ma Gm=4300


Matched on Amplitrex


Customer Comments:

Love the Sylvania 6005W, they are classic Sylvania character; rich, full-range, big bottom


Recommended for

- AudioTropic Mœbius linestage preamp
- Groove Tubes ViPre MicPreamp
- Fender Musicmaster Bass Amp circa 1970-1971
- Epiphone EA 50T (modified) 1960







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