(!!!!) (BEST 274A) 274A Western Electric NOS (5639=1956) "D" getter halo, large shiney getter flash, in white box, nice tube

$ 888.88

1 tube) 274A Western Electric NOS (5639=1956) "D" getter large shiney getter in white box

Amplitrex Tested: 120ma current through plates (below 42ma V drop is very good)

Diode #1 Forward Voltage 418V, Reverse 39V drop

Diode #2 Forward Voltage 417V, Reverse 41V drop


1 section) 51/40 

1 section) 53/40 

Tested on TV-7D/U


(the best sounding 5U4G or 5R4GY substitute ever made, lots of inner detail, very clear extended and open high end and good bass, the 274A sound outstanding)

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